Can Pastilla

We are located on Playa Can Pastilla.

Location Google maps HERE


Thursday 19:00

Sunday 10:00

For mobile devices, scrool down to sign up.


1 Yoga class 15 euro

Private class 100 euro (1-4 people)

For larger groups please send us an email

Class description

BEACH YOGA: this class is a nice fusion of vinyasa yoga & pilates, which wakes up the entire body, create calm and inner peace. The class uses the flow and stretching from yoga and tones the body with pilates elements.

We will flow, breathe, increase flexibility and strenght, and create self-confidence.

Every class is closed with a meditation, relaxing part with essential oils.


This class is a perfect chill and challange in the same time. We do the class when the water is calm, without winds or any waves. You can enjoy the sound of the sea, the sun, creating really nice moments for yourself.