Pilates Reformer & Yoga

in Colonia de Sant Jordi (Studio class)

Location Google maps HERE



10:45 Pilates Reformer

12:00 Prenatal class


09:30 Pilates Reformer


09:30 Yoga Flow

13:30 Pilates Reformer


1 Yoga class 15 euro

1 Prenatal class 18 euro

1 Reformer class 25euro

Class description

Pilates Reformer: Harnessing the physical and mental benefits from Pilates Reformer using a combination of core-strengthing, dynamic flow and posture-aware movements.

Yoga: Slow down with this therapeutic style class that focuses on awareness and mind body connection. Aiming to bring our full attention to the present moment to experience the here and now whilst harnessing our breath or the way our body feels as it moves.