Palma Nova Beach

We are located in front of Il Chiringo Beach in Palma nova.

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Tuesday 09.00 Hatha yoga 80min

Friday 09.00 Hatha yoga 80min

Saturday 09.00 Hatha yoga 80min

For mobile devices, scrool down to sign up.


1 Yoga class 15 euro

Private class 100 euro (1-4 people)

For larger groups please send us an email

Class description

Our Hatha Yoga classes are all about mindful breathing and movement, body awareness, correct alignment, self-care practices and relaxation. That discipline will teach you how to become the master of your breath, body and mind. All that in a beautiful settings where nature will remind us that abundance surrounds us: seeing the waves of the sea in front of you, feeling the seabreeze touching your skin, enjoying the shade of the trees and the first rays of the sun during your yoga practice is a truly magical experience.

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