class in Alcudia

(Available upon request)

We are located at Platja Sant Joan in Alcudia

Location Google Maps HERE



Private class: 75€ P/P

Private class for two person: 65€ P/P

Private class from three persons: 55€ P/P

Class description:

Immerse Yourself in a 75-Minute Multi-Sensory Journey in Mallorca Puerto de Alcudia (Alcudia)

Escape the ordinary and embark on a transformative 75-minute experience designed to awaken your senses and restore inner balance. This unique class seamlessly blends ancient practices with modern techniques to create a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Embrace the Power of Breath: 20 minutes

  • Our journey begins with a deep exploration of breathwork. You'll unveil the profound impact your breath has on your daily life, from managing stress to boosting energy levels.
  • Expert guidance will equip you with powerful breathing techniques that you can effortlessly incorporate into your routine for lasting well-being.

Aromatherapy for the Soul: 10 minutes

  • Surrender to the calming embrace of aromatherapy. We'll utilize the purest essential oils sourced from India, each meticulously chosen to target specific energy centers within your body, known as chakras.
  • As these potent oils work their magic, a gentle head massage will further enhance the experience, allowing the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy to deeply penetrate.

Sound Bath Sanctuary (guided meditation): 30 minutes

  • Prepare to be swept away by the transformative power of sound therapy. Imagine yourself bathed in the vibrant soundscapes created by over 15 instruments, including:
    • The mesmerizing chimes Tibetan singing bowls
    • The ethereal tones of crystal singing bowls
    • The resonant boom of the Chinese gong
    • The calming melodies of Koshie chimes
    • The precise frequencies of tuning forks at 328hz and 285hz, known to promote profound relaxation
    • And a symphony of other instruments
  • As these sounds wash over you, feel stress melt away, and a deep sense of inner peace blossom within.

A Sunrise Symphony for the Senses:

  • Imagine practicing mindful breathing, enveloped by the calming scents of essential oils, and bathed in the restorative vibrations of sound therapy – all while witnessing the breathtaking spectacle of a Mallorcan sunrise.
  • This exquisite interplay of your senses amidst nature's masterpiece will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated and deeply connected to yourself.

This class offers a unique opportunity to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with your inner self on a profound level. It's a sensory experience unlike any other, promising to leave you feeling centered, balanced, and ready to embrace the day ahead.